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DEALERS - 1g Runtz (510 Thread) - Dealers
1g Runtz (510 Thread) - Dealers
THC: 80%
When you need to lock yourself down and watch terrible movies all night with a deep dish pizza, a 1g Runtz vape cartridge from Dealers is the way to go. Runtz is a rare hybrid strain, made by crossing Zkittlez with Gelato. Runtz has a complex flavor profile of pineapple, sweet and tropical fruit. While the aroma is that of earth, herbs, and sour sweet tropical. Runtz will have you feeling relaxed, and sleepy, while wanting a bite to eat but too lazy to get up. Runtz is ideal for combating anxiety, appetite loss, insomnia and stress. Put on your lazy clothes, light up this Runtz and enjoy the night. At Dealers Oil Co, high quality, affordable concentrate isn't just a goal, it's a habit.
1 gram
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