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Latest Deals from Humble Root

Shop our latest cannabis deals, weed bundles, and promo items that are updated frequently. It doesn’t stop there, Humble Root also offers other ways to save including Military and Senior discounts.

Over 100 Cannabis Brands

As your local Sacramento delivery dispensary curators, we’re happy to source some of the most award winning and innovative product name brands in the cannabis industry including Stiiizy, Alien Labs, Cookies, West Coast Cure, High Supply, Heavy Hitters, WYLD Gummies, Raw Garden, Papa & Barkley, and more.

Recent Articles

Expand your cannabis knowledge with educational and informative articles. Learn the differences between weed products or how cannabis works, while also being informed of exciting Sacramento cannabis events.

Humble Root & BAWS Sactober Event Raises Over $1,500 benefiting the Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation

There is nothing more powerful than people joining together to support a cause they are passionate about. On October 23, 2021, Humble Root hosted an event in collaboration with Baws Ass Women of Sacramento that raised over $1,550 for breast cancer awareness which was...

Talking to Your Family About Weed at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the beautiful time of year when you dodge relatives' questions and hide the intimate details of your private life that they are foraging for. But times are changing, and in 2019 a poll found that 12% of all Americans smoke weed. And those are only the...

Veteran’s Day Q&A with Humble Root’s C.O.O., Colin Schmidt

In honor of Veteran's Day, we interviewed Humble Root’s COO Colin Schmidt. Humble Root is a delivery cannabis dispensary located in the heart of Sacramento, Ca. In this interview we talk about his background, transition to the cannabis industry, and what advice he has...

MMIC vs Third Party Medical: What’s the Difference?

Until recently, a valid medical recommendation was a stoner staple, but these days they’re not really needed for adult use if you are over 21. That being said, a med rec may be worth the investment depending on what you need.   Need a New Medical Rec? Here Are...
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People Love Humble Root

Humble Root offers fast weed delivery and a customer satisfaction rate that can’t be matched. Combine that with the Sacramento’s largest selection of cannabis products and there’s no question as to why our customers love us.

Humble Root is the best cannabis delivery service in the Sacramento Area

Best Delivery Service In Sacramento

Humble Root delivers premium and affordable cannabis—flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, concentrates, topicals, and accessories—straight to your doorstep in Sacramento and surrounding areas.

Whether you’re a medical marijuana user or you’re more of a recreational dabbler, Humble Root offers easy, reliable, dependable weed delivery from one of Sacramento’s most well-known local dispensaries.

All of our products are curated by industry experts to ensure the best quality and variety of choices. Order free delivery from your couch to your home with our on-demand service, or for a later time and date with our award winning staff.

Since 2015, our highly reputable team, who we call our pineapple family, have utilized their personalities and professionalism to cater to the Greater Sacramento area.

Massive Product Selection

Here in the Golden State, we don’t call it the Green Rush for nothin’; the recreational and medical cannabis markets offer innovative products with the largest varieties of choices for those in search of just the right effect.

Whether you’re looking for a creativity boost, relaxation, pain management, sleep aids, or something for a social setting or outdoor event, Humble Root has  you covered. Our team of cannabis experts carefully curates a selection of the highest quality and most popular offerings to ensure our team of expert bud couriers are delivering only the best cannabis products out there.

In prioritizing quality control, potency, nug quality, and effectiveness – we deliver trusted brands, from the most popular names in cannabis like Stiiizy, Nug Brands, Heavy Hitters, Select, Alien Labs, Smokiez Edibles, and West Coast Cure.

Sacramento Dispensary Prices

Humble Root delivers all the name brand cannabis and medical marijuana products that you can find in licensed, local dispensaries in the Sacramento area. We made it possible to offer affordable pricing for everyone including budget ounce deals, military discounts, clearance items, bundle deals, weekly promotions, and giveaways. What could be better?

We deliver it for free and our competitive prices are just as cheap as what you would pay in the store. Every one of our hand-picked items are delivered quickly and safely by our friendly couriers.

Available to order on your mobile or web browser, there’s literally no reason to leave home to go to a dispensary. Fast-moving, legal, top shelf cannabis delivered quickly. 

Free Delivery For All Locations

That’s right: cannabis delivery in Sacramento on demand and free scheduled delivery to our same day delivery zones.

We’ll save you the time and hassle of going to a dispensary and hand deliver the most highly rated and in-demand cannabis products straight to your preferred location. That’s right—we’ll sit in and endure the Sacramento traffic for you.

Secure, reliable dispensary products and free delivery, to your doorstep. We also accept credit cards as your form of payment. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Humble Root in the community

At Humble Root we strongly in breaking the stigmas and stereotypes around cannabis. We do this by creating an environment that allows its community members to grow. 

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Voted best cannabis delivery in Sacramento area

Voted Sacramento’s #1 Best Overall & Most Knowledgeable Staff

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