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NEPENTHE EXTRACTS - 1g Tangie Shatter - Nepenthe
1g Tangie Shatter - Nepenthe
THC: 75%
When you want the freshest smoke out there, and don't want to settle in quality, a 1g Tangie Shatter is where it's at. Tangie is a sativa marijuana strain made by crossing California Orange and Skunk-1. Tangie has a refreshing sweet aroma like tangerines with hints of skunk scent and taste due to its lineage. Tangie provides cerebral effects like euphoria, creativity, focus and happiness. Tangie is great for loss of appetite, anxiety and depression. Tangie is the a hit out of the park and will give you exactly what you need.Nepenthe's farm to table approach means they plant, grow and harvest all of their flower locally then extract that same flower to create a variety of quality products ranging from shatter to diamonds.
1 gram
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