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DEALERS - 1g Gushers (510 Thread) - Dealers
1g Gushers (510 Thread) - Dealers
THC: 80%
When you need a breath of fresh air and a day full of bursting flavors, a 1g Gushers vape cartridge from Dealers is the place to go. Gushers is a hybrid marijuana strain with Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush parents. Gushers has a unique flavor profile of tropical berry, grape, and sour. While the aroma is that of earth, sour, tropical and herbal. The effects mainly consist of a strong body high, with a euphoric feeling and an uplifted mood. Gushers is good for dealing with anxiety, chronic pain and stress. So pack a bowl or roll some up and enjoy the day. At Dealers Oil Co, high quality, affordable concentrate isn't just a goal, it's a habit.
1 gram
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