Cookies Brand - 3.5g Melon Bar (Indoor) - Cookies
3.5g Melon Bar (Indoor) - Cookies
THC: 22%
Zone out with this 3.5-gram bag of Melon Bar from Cookies. Melon Bar is an indoor-grown Hybrid strain that is crossed between Big Apple and Kush Mints. It smells like honey-drizzled melon infused in sweat cream. Patients have reported flavor notes of juicy watermelon, bubble gum, and a gassy finish upon exhale. This Hybrid combines the best of both worlds, beginning with a creepy stoney and soothing high that ends with a zoned-out couch locking closer. Cookies' goal has remained consistent from their humble beginnings in a San Francisco garage to their global expansion: authenticity and innovative genetics. They are particularly proud of their in-house cultivation, global varieties, and extensive line of strain-specific products.
1/8 oz
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