Alien Labs - 3.5g Biskante (Indoor) - Alien Labs
3.5g Biskante (Indoor) - Alien Labs
THC: 30%
A notoriously delicious new hybrid cross between Melonade and Biscotti #6, you can expect much more of the sugary dough, cookie-like sweetness with hints of earth and spice from the Biscotti heritage than any citrus or lemon aromas and flavors. An entirely unique flavor profile for a sativa leaning hybrid, that’s for sure! The headband-like head high will hit you with euphoria, creativity, and energy as well as a giggly sociability that makes this strain an excellent choice for social settings, outdoor activities, and concerts. Alien Labs indoor flower is for the Connoisseur who has tried everything, knows what quality is, and wants to experience new, top-notch strains.
1/8 oz
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